Jolly June Competition!

Ahoy mateys our first competition begins right now…..and it ends June 30th 2013, so get in quick arrrrrr!


Category (1)


Up to Age 9: 


Draw a picture of yerself as a pirate and colour it in! 

(SUGGESTION) You might look great on a Pirate Ship!


Category (2)


Any Age:


Submit a Pirate Palindrome Poem!

(HINT) For Lynette Morrison’s example of a Palindrome Poem please visit and view the Pittodrie Pirates post for Wednesday 13th June 2013



First Prize: An Awesome Huge Eagle Kite!

Runner Up: A Fabulous Card Game to Boost your Vocabulary! 


For our overseas contestants: your winning entry will be posted up on the Pittodrie Pirates Website!

Please submit all entries to


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