Ahoy there! Welcome to the Pittodrie Pirates Fan Club.



You’ll find pictures from our latest events as well as our pirate crew’s fun games!  If you can answer these four questions ye are a true blue Pittodrie Pirates Fan!



The questions are:

(1) What’s the name of the island that the Pittodrie Pirates visited in Book 1, ‘What’s a Blue Furry?’

(2) What “curly, furry and yellow” treasure did the pirates find on the Gold Ship in Book 2, ‘Ahoy the Gold Ships!’

(3) In Book 3 ‘A Surprise in the Bluebell Woods’, what present did the pirates get for Farmer Callum from the fairies?

(4) In Book 4 ‘Shhh…It’s a Birthday Party!’, why did Farmer Callum wake up late?

 PITTODRIE PIRATES book1- Lynette-1


Answers: 1) Genelg Island 2) A monkey 3) A magic plow 4) His rooster did not crow that morning


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